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by IM

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Free Improvised album recorded throughout 2014..

We found our mutual love of Free Improvisation as a trio that we named JIM with Joel Vinsen, lIiad Sabchi & myself.. After Joel left India, we continued 'Jimming' and recording on whatever equipments we could avail ourselves to (digicams, phone, portable recorders).. We even used weird techniques like overdubbing with a previous jam, and what-not.. Finally after about a year of endless free jam sessions and recordings, we edited the files in Adobe Audition, and brought forth this album..

Except for Deepest Emotions & Footprints in the Stones of Time, all the tracks are single track jams, with the only editings being fades and cutting to time..


released October 4, 2014

Iliad Sabchi: Various Instruments, Voice & Cover Art Painting
Mreenal Mams: Various Instruments, Voice & Production



all rights reserved


Mreenal Mams Darjeeling, India

Experimental, Free Improvisation, Psychedelic/Hard/Blues Rock.. Indian Fusion

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Track Name: Footprints In The Stones Of Time
Time walks so slow
Experience runs quicker
I wish my voice was thicker than I

Play some jazz
Spoon may cause service or hindrance

Special people
Have black lower lungs
Smoking kills but it thrills and chills

Legato on 6th string
Bend two at a time
A sweet melody on the V chord

Wave'em like you just don't care
Thumb the round wounds
Hammer all the way up

Oops it vibrated
Electronic bads
Expected a thump but got a thuch

Meend it down
Hit the juari
Expectations continuing with dissonances

Once more or maybe twice
1 2 3, 4 5, 6 7
Shall rupak go for twelve-bar blues

Wanna smoke
A special one
Let myself sing along the puff sounds

Layers of smoke
With a unison chorus
I've got a bike you can light it if you like

I've forgiven you
But I desire you
Guess I still have one to forgive and now I do

Chorus again
Jingle tambourine
Down down and up I went

Need some crystal clear
Di-hydrogen oxide
Reduced a little of someone else's work

Couldn't get it done the taan
At the ending of the gaan
Koertzen was first so Koertzen even if Friedman

Added too much to tihai
Forgot to write bridge lines
I'm so bad, punish me by not breaking on sam

Relax the melody
Thump juari
Let it drone fade out and pluck the next child

I gave you freedom
I gave you room
And you flew, flew a great well

Patted your back
Showed you your goods
So why do you get afraid every time

Are you searching
Still for the rare rainbow
The fragility of my solo leads you to on and on

Mo ta abo risawchu
Boldai boldina
As Westlife, Eagles and Maiden came along

Sitar, Khamak are next to come
Ropak, Todi, Dnuos Detinu
That my introduction is my friend

Two snakes
A traditional fat one
Another grew in pit, learnt to bite and poison

The poison was sweet
The trained one flew as well
The two serpents intertwined, what a sight

Wrap harmonica
Harmonica crunch
Play flute like and let come fiddle

Blues drive and fiddle
Touch the mandra, make it real
Oops but no matter, rock-n-fiddle on

Came down
Sat in line
And waited and grooved till I bored

Did what I did
Over again
Psychedelic starts to begin now

John Cage broke the glass
Ghosts or bad men
Dogs barked, men laughed, victim coughed out

Wind whistled
Tin rattled
Door or cat howled, victim stranglised

Beast unveiled
Climax heightened
Victim turned to pain in cry

Bad men laughed
Victim tortured more
He don't know where to go, escapes by over-try

Things recover
Notes slowly consonant
Soft cushions in brown chocolate I lie

Father comes
He comfort sings
Don't mind the little dissonances of counterpoint

Live on children
Lives on you
Be you my footprints in the sands of time