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A creative act is never less meaningful than the nature of the abstraction, suppose if it possibly could happen within the creation, which is probably the intention's inside out. Of beyond our intentions to please..

This is the 2nd album by IM..


released December 9, 2015

Iliad Sabchi - Lyrics, Music, Weirdness
Mreenal Mams - Lyrics, Music, Weirdness
Ajnish Rai - Mixing/Mastering, Music, Weirdness



all rights reserved


Mreenal Mams Darjeeling, India

Experimental, Free Improvisation, Psychedelic/Hard/Blues Rock.. Indian Fusion

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Track Name: Define Me
Define me
(O my love, dead or dear)
Will power, desired,
Right after tea,
It sounds silly,
As people die finally.

Define me
(I fail to guess), that
Ocean of unconsciousness,
How it suits…
With coffee black or blues ,
When mothers are murdered,
In your war.!!

Define me,
(the dark the matter is),
And your maiden peace.
Paint on white, paint on dirt,
To just go with the frame,
Paint all over,
Though the wall is standing,
But no mankind.

Define me
(As I got no alibi)
The objective case of I .
Track Name: Waken By The Storm
Waken Up By The Storm , Naked In My Dream-Way To Get Back Home..
Shaking And Falling

And It's Raining And Raining
As Million Mary-Cry
And My Tears Are Sweating As Fall/Ing-Flam/Ing
In The Frozen Red,Bloody Fire-/Heart
Frozen Red Bloody Fire Head

Drop Of Waken Stain
Frozen Within Nowhere Zone
Still Rain Steel Rain

By The Storm
Within The Hellsome Of Dreams Of Delight
Holding The Acre
In The Zero Gravity Of No-Exist-Sense.

Naked Rain
Flying Flame
Waken Pain
Track Name: In The Morning
In the morning
Have you seen the sky bright? Yeah
But have you seen any star’s shine
Oh you might have been-
Track Name: I Am The Water
You are the water
I am the fire
What a comforting line.

I have been there
Right, as you were once
In love for rest of my life

I suppose
Didn’t you two? finally,
oceans meet?
You, on fire
And I, frozen, blurred

I suppose
I’ve been there too
On fire.., I was the ocean
Frozen, you-
Sounded like; were made in heaven
You melted’ didn’t you by now?
Water, aren’t you? Letting me live-
On fire. Yes, I am the ocean
Haven’t you been there?
On that
Comforting line,
Track Name: Life
To the silence that continues..
Track Name: Passion
Maybe lighter
The lightest
Of you
Flaming eyes
And change me
And my world
And you
To light
Track Name: Someone Else's Eye
The town bell chimes to signify
Another hour has passed you by
The days are slouching wet or dry
Some make you happy some make you cry

The sun burnin' high up in the air
Illuminating but you don't care
So fond of watching unusuals and rare
Think son tonight it won't be there

You laugh out your sorrows and suppress all your fears
Want to be counted as odd one with peers
But each time you try you're applauded with jeers
Then you give all your griefs, to pillows as tears

You let grow your hair and wear skin-tight jeans
Write songs to yourself, creating psychedelic scenes
Project yourself like having insanity genes
Do you even know what your lyric means?
Track Name: Rainclouds
Someone stealing rainclouds from this land
I have seen the guy myself
But I am not the kind of guy
Who talks of rainclouds being stolen
I have my own personal private raincloud-coat
Track Name: The Left Over
Those days
Just like my granny
I was gray
Those days
I wasn’t helpless
I was gray-alive
I wasn’t sad
Below the earth at night
Sun-shine there
When I first painted myself
I was gray painted on colors
Just like my mom
Was the leftover of her one single breathe
Down there
Brighten by a new sun
Every single breath
Was the leftover
Dear universe
Calm down
Just like me
Those days
Track Name: But Peace
Have one body and one life. Life.
And goanna be the life without that, without death
With the silence that lasts… in peace
by peace, by peace that will pass
To the soul that is the matter and the whole.

Don’t believe. Believe. Believe.
Nothing. Which is the truth.
That is the unknown.
As the silence continues … life. life. Life.
And the silence that continues. Peace.

Only the low in the universe
Be it to have it.
And don’t you believe
Unless you be
As if nothing changes.
but peace.